Thursday, September 4, 2014

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Achievement - Massacre (20G)

This is Massacre achievement in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine that worth 20G.

-----=====[ How To Unlock It ]=====-----
This is a fairly easy achievement and you will probably unlock it accidentally during Hijack at the Hairpin if you are the brute type of guy/gal. If not... here is how you can do it in another run:

To unlock this achievement you need to kill everyone in a mission. It will be easier to do it during a small mission with a few enemies like the 2nd mission of Locksmith's story, Hijack at the Hairpin. There are 5 enemies in the mission, pick up the shotgun at the start of the mission and kill them one by one. Have in mind that alive enemies can revive dead ones so act accordingly. Finally, you have to escape and complete the mission because the achievement pops and the end of the mission. Good Luck !

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-----=====[ Game Information ]=====-----
₪ Developer: Pocketwatch Games
₪ Publisher: Majesco Entertainment (XBLA)
₪ Designers:  Andy Schatz, Andy Nguyen
₪ Artist: Adam deGrandis
₪ Composer:  Austin Wintory
₪ Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (Steam), Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade), Linux
₪ Release dates:
 • Windows: 24 April 2013
 • Mac OS X: 03 July 2013
 • Xbox 360: 10 May 2013
 • Linux: 21 October 2013
₪ Genres:Action, Stealth
₪ Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

-----=====[ Video Details ]=====-----
₪ Capture: AverMedia Game Capture HD (C281)
₪ Encoding: Sony Vegas 11
₪ Video: 29.970 fps; 1920x1080 Progressive; YUV; 8 Mbps
₪ Audio: 128 Kbps; 48,000 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo; AAC

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