Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AC: Initiates - Mission - AC3 - Bleeding Edge - Stage 01

This is Stage 01 of Bleeding Edge mission in Assassin's Creed: Initiates which involves Assassin's Creed III. You can join the project at: http://acinitiates.com

-----=====[Mission Description ]=====-----
The way I see it, the Assassins of today aren't all killers, but those who are know more ways to kill than a kindergarten's got crayons. The hunter's instinct of these warriors can't be learned from books and whatnot so what are you waiting for? Jump in there and live the life of a predator for a change.

-----=====[Stage Objectives ]=====-----
☑ In Assassin's Creed III:
Kill 5 enemies using heavy axe slam attacks. (00:22)
☑ In Assassin's Creed III:
Kill 5 enemies by throwing war clubs. (06:29)

-----=====[Stage Description ]=====-----
Call me sentimental but there's something that's just so... satisfying about smashing enemies with blunt weapons. The Assassins of old generally didn't resort to brute force, but weren't afraid to crack a skull every now and again. We can learn from their fine example.

-----=====[Rewards ]=====-----
₪ Stage: 50 XP
₪ Mission: Bleeding Edge Badge

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