Thursday, December 12, 2013

GTA V - Achievement - Altruist Acolyte (5G)

This is Altruist Acolyte achievement in Grand Theft Auto V and you will gain 5G for unlocking it.

This achievement can only be unlocked as Trevor. While you are moving around with him you will notice a sky blue dot on the minimap. That dot is a random event occurring near you. Some of these events give you the chance to drive people to a destination. This is your opportunity to deliver them to the Altruist Cult instead and unlock this achievement ! In order to deliver them to the Altruist Cult find them A mark on the map and drive there. This video shows one of the many locations of those random events !

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-----=====[ Game Information ]=====-----
₪ Developer: Rockstar North
₪ Publisher: Rockstar Games
₪ Distributor: Take-Two Interactive
₪ Director: Dan Houser
₪ Producers: Leslie Benzies,Imran Sarwar
₪ Designers: Leslie Benzies,Imran Sarwar
₪ Artist: Aaron Garbut
₪ Writers: Dan Houser,Rupert Humphries,Micheal Unsworth
₪ Composers: The Alchemist, Oh No, Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson
₪ Series: Grand Theft Auto
₪ Engine: RAGE with Euphoria and Bullet Physics
₪ Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
₪ Release Date: 17 September 2013
₪ Genre: Action-adventure
₪ Modes: Single-player, Online Multiplayer
₪ Distribution: Blu-ray Disc (PlayStation 3), 2×DVD-DL (Xbox 360)

-----=====[ Video Details ]=====-----
₪ Capture: AverMedia Game Capture HD (C281)
₪ Encoding: Sony Vegas 11
₪ Video: 29.970 fps; 1920x1080 Progressive; YUV; 8 Mbps
₪ Audio: 128 Kbps; 48,000 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo; AAC

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